Roadshow Part 2

The Biomechanics Roadshow Part 2 is an Evidence Based and practical one day course. Whether you are following on from the Part 1 Roadshow or simply want to develop your knowledge for casting, prescribing and dispensing orthoses, this course is an excellent opportunity to learn both theoretically and practically. Delivered by Experienced MSK Specialist Podiatrist, Ian Drakard.

Course Content

  • Biomechanics refresher
  • When to prescribe a custom orthotic and why
  • Casting principles & workshop
  • Prescription writing & practical
  • Importance of material choice
  • Critiquing your finished device

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand when to prescribe a custom orthotic
  • Understand the material choices you have made
  • Comprehensively prescribe a custom made orthotic
  • Confidently gain a negative impression of your patient’s foot
  • Know what your devices will look like when they come back from the lab

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Practitioners with a foundation in biomechanics who want to be theoretically and practically competent at casting, prescribing and dispensing orthoses.

When and Where?


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