1. Good practice for your patients 

Ideally, all patients would wear their custom orthoses in sensible shoes all of the time. However, even when patients do follow their practitioner’s full advice, sensible shoes and orthoses are often kicked off as soon as they walk in the house. Offering your patients a prescription footbed in an attractive slipper is an excellent compromise because your patient is still getting the support, or “offloading”, they need.


2. Good practice 

Well made, supportive footwear is essential for good foot health. When we walk around our homes, it’s easy to clock up several miles walking up and downstairs, and pottering from room to room.  Older patients, in particular, are more prone to trips and falls and patients with compromised tissue viability, such as diabetics, are prone to many more foot problems. Prescription footbed slippers can be prescribed to offload high-pressure areas or generally support foot posture in the same way as a custom orthotic.


3. Good for “your” practice 

Offering prescription footwear is the perfect intermediary between custom orthoses and supportive footwear. It effectively means that you have “all bases covered” for your orthotic therapy. Coupled with attractive margins and marketing support, prescription footwear is a valuable solution for both clinician and patient.


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