Biomechanics Summer School 2023 will be my 9th, surely something of a record, although my great friend Kevin Kirby must be close or better.

My 1st was held in a huge old country house in Oxford, when the Biomechanics Summer School was run by Ray Anthony from Rx Laboratories.

Being invited to present at my 9th BSS brings with it no lesser thrill than that first one many years ago, and with the thrill is the honour of joining so many incredible lecturers over the years. More on that in a moment.

I guess I do feel qualified to judge BSS as one of the best conferences going around. It is smallish, usually around 150 delegates, and so has a really intimate feeling to it.

One of the best things, that really never happens at other conferences, is that everyone has complete access to each other and, particularly the speakers. This builds a tremendous atmosphere of networking within a tremendous educational framework. More than anything, it is great fun! It is, unique.

The list of speakers at BSS is a who’s who of biomechanics, sports medicine and podiatry in general.

Think Kevin Kirby, Benno Nigg, Simon Spooner, Emma Cowley, Trevor Prior, Peter Brukner, Kade Peterson, Nick Knight, Peter Malliaras, Craig Payne, Geza Kogler, Paul Harradine and many more I can’t remember!

BBS 2023 has the usual stellar line up, and a highly relevant program for clinicians, sure to yield some pearls to put into action come Monday morning.

For me. BSS is a must not miss event!