I went to the first Biomechanics Summer School back in 1994 in Oxfordshire. I had known Ray Anthony, the founder, for the best part of a decade and knew it would be a great conference. One of the speakers, Daryll Phillips, discussed concepts, physics and calculations which were on a different level.


Over the years, the Summer School has evolved and become far more evidenced-based, growing with the wider profession. However, it continues to deliver top quality speakers and one of the most engaging audiences.

When I look back over the years and consider the range, breadth and quality of invited speakers, it is quite incredible. I always regret when other commitments coincide with Summer School, as there is always someone I want to hear speak.


To have the opportunity to present with Simon Bartold, Peter Bruckner, Emma Cowley, Kevin Kirby and last but by no means least, Benno Nigg was an absolute honour and pleasure. Normally, I am happy if I learn one new thing (it is often more) but this time, I left with my pockets full.


The workshops were hard work, 6 hours of almost non-stop presentations but the enthusiasm from the delegates made it that much easier and extremely rewarding.

I feel these are a real strength of Summer School and the one negative for me was not being able to attend those of my fellow speakers – I wanted to do them all. The debates are a chance to dig below the surface and are always my favourite part.


It is a credit to all at LBG Medical and, in particular, Heidi Meckler, that it continues to be such a success, delivering consistently high speakers and content. Keep up the fantastic work.