November 2017, I recall a colleague (a gadget addict) going on and on about scanning feet as an alternative to plaster of paris and foam boxes and how this had transformed his practice.   Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about biomechanics, customer service in my clinic (aiming for world class), committed to change and innovation and more recently, Walk This Way’s carbon footprint.  So, I purchased one in Jan 2018.

It is a little camera that clips onto the back of an iPad.  You use an app called 3D Size Me, to scan the feet and email this file direct to LBG Medical along with an electronic prescription form.  Clients need to lie prone or kneel with feet held in neutral position.

The benefits of using the Structure Sensor:

  • It’s quick.  To scan each foot takes under 90 seconds.
  • Frees up your time to do more productive.  Depending on how you work, less appointments needed for your clients.
  • Saves you time.  Instantly email scan and prescription to LBG medical.
  • Also, no more trips to the post office.  (YEAH!)
  • Saves you money, as you no longer need to purchase foam boxes, plaster of paris.
  • Improves your margin.
  • Quicker turnaround times for custom foot orthotics as you are no longer restricted by postage.
  • Improves your customer service.  Thus, clients get their orthotics quicker.
  • By not using foam boxes/plaster of paris, there is less waste and plastic in our environment.  Also, we are saving on cardboard, paper and the environmental impact of postage.  Thus, reducing our carbon footprint.  We are all responsible for this!
  • Small changes over long periods of time, equals big rewards for our environment.
  • Orthotic functional control/outcomes are no different from using plaster of paris or foam boxes.
  • My clients absolutely love it and impressed with the technology used.

The Structured Sensor really is one of my best purchases of 2018!  I use it daily and consider it to be one of my essential pieces of kit.  The overall process I personally find to be more effective, efficient, timelier and cost-effective.  No brainer really, Structure Sensor all the way!

What has been your best purchase of 2018?  Please share this with us!

Until next time,


Margaret Trevillion MSC BSC Hons MChS


Walk This Way Healthcare