This custom made device is designed specifically for patients who need a stronger orthotic with excellent durability.  Although individual clinical findings are paramount to any prescription, the “Marathoner” is generally recommended for long-distance runners.


Key features

  • Strong Poly-Nyolene shell material
  • Shock attenuating PPT arch fill
  • Hard density EVA rearfoot posts
  • Innovative “Runners Wedge” incorporated –an extrinsic sulcus post with 2° of varus posting. This is specifically designed to compensate for the reduced angle and base of gait seen in runners.


Ideal for….

  • Professional and recreational long-distance runners.
  • Professions where running is involved (e.g Army Personnel)
  • Patients requiring a high level of control
  • Patients who wear devices out quickly
  • Heavier patients


Treatment Tips

  1. For heel strike runners, in particular, try incorporating a deep heel cup into your prescription. This will help to prevent the calcaneal fat pad from displacing which in turn aids natural shock attenuation.
  1. For maximum pronation control, you could try a minimum arch fill on your prescription. This will contour better to your patient’s foot and hug the medial plantar arch providing more control. However, be careful that it doesn’t push the foot too high in the shoe. A higher arched device will also increase the rigidity of the orthotic material so this also needs to be taken into consideration. Always keep your patients actual pathology and its causes at the centre of your prescription rationale; some patients will benefit from a minimum arch fill, whereas others will not.
  1. If shoe space is an issue, try using a Kirby Skive in your prescription. This modification is not just reserved for patients with a medially deviated axis, it is also very useful for hard to control excessive pronation, particularly where there is limited space in footwear.