Dr. Simon K. Spooner qualified as a podiatrist in 1991 from the University of Brighton, and in addition to his BSc in Podiatry, he was awarded the Paul Shenton prize for his research into callus. He went on to complete his PhD in podiatry from the University of Leicester in 1997, which focused on the causes and treatment of inherited foot disorders. Having previously taught clinical podiatry to students at University College, Northampton and Matthew Bolton College, Birmingham, Simon moved to Plymouth in 1998 where he worked as a lecturer in podiatric biomechanics, sports injuries and orthotic manufacture. Simon eventually became the Principal Lecturer and Head of School of Podiatry at the University of Plymouth. In full-time private practice since 2004, Simon continues to research and publish in the field of podiatric biomechanics and speaks internationally on foot orthotic therapy. He acts as a podiatrist to a UK premier league rugby club, a EFL football club and as a professional reviewer to a number of scientific journals; he has also appeared on television discussing the design characteristics of athletic footwear and children’s foot health. Simon’s research interests are currently focused upon the design, manufacture, mechanics and biomechanical effects of foot orthoses.