Specific activities often require specific treatment approaches. While clinical judgement concerning the patient is the best advocate for selecting the most appropriate device, “All Sport” and “All Sport Flexible” Custom Made Orthoses are designed more precisely for the active patient who participates in a variety of activities.


Key features

  • All Sport
    • Polynyolene shell material
    • Superior tensile strength
    • Designed to fit in athletic shoes, walking boots and safety boots


  • All Sport Flexible
    • Toprelle shell material
    • Vibration resistant, shock attenuating and flexible
    • Lightweight


Ideal for…

  • All Sport – Firm control
    • Professional and recreational sportspeople requiring high levels of control (Runners, Hikers, Aerobics…etc…)
    • Professions who spend a lot of time walking (Policemen, Security, Army Personnel…etc…)
    • Patients who wear devices out quickly
    • Heavier patients


  • All Sport Flexible – Flexible control
    • Patients who require more flexibility in their orthoses and are unable to tolerate Polynyolene
    • Patients who participate in activities where a lightweight device is more preferable
    • Older patients or those with limited joint range of motion


Treatment Tips

  1. The All Sport device is excellent for patients requiring all-round high levels of control. However, for patients who are unable to tolerate a more rigid device, the All Sport Flexible is perfect. This may be the case for older patients or those with some limitations in joint range of motion.
  2. Try using different top covers (depending on what you are treating). Vinyl is great for wiping clean and has some sheer properties which could help prevent blisters because the sheering forces are acting between the sock and the vinyl rather than the upper layers of the skin. EVA has more grip and may be better for patients who would benefit from less movement in the shoe. Any of the padded top covers would be preferable for those requiring more shock attenuation.
  3. Emerging research into different types of training shoes is suggesting that lightweight may have some bearing on injury reduction and enhanced performance. Although more evidence is required to establish this fully, the All Sport Flexible would be an excellent choice if shoe weight was considered a factor in the management process.