Bio Soft Plus

Shell Material: Polyurethane

Bio Soft Plus is a dual density cushioning Polyurethane insole finished with a memory foam top cover.

Drawing on over thirty years’ experience in manufacturing orthoses for patients with at risk feet, we have carefully designed the Bio Soft Plus to offer incomparable levels of comfort and shock absorbency. These features also make the Bio Soft perfect for use during sporting activities. The devices incorporate two ‘soft spots’ to offload the most vulnerable areas of the foot, making them perfect for use on diabetic and rheumatoid patients.



Orthotic Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL 

UK: 3-4.5 / 5-6.5 / 7-8.5 / 9-10.5 / 11-12.5 

EU: 36.5-38 / 38.5-40 / 40.5-42 / 42.5-44 / 44.5-46

US: 5.5-7 / 7.5-9 / 9.5-11 / 11.5-13 / 13.5-15

MIDSOLE: Dual-density polyurethane

TOP COVER: Memory foam with an anti-microbial fibre cover (to increase hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria)

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